How Online Marketing Is Different From General Marketing

There is a wide difference between online marketing and general marketing. They are outlined below.

1) In general marketing, business targets large number of consumers for a product or service that is economical or cheap in price. By targeting the masses, there will surely a high volume sales but with lower margin in the profit element as there is very little gap between the cost of making a product and selling it in the end. On the contrary, in niche marketing, a business will target a certain group of consumers (specialist consumers) from whom it can command a high profit margin. This is why small enterprises or businesses are considered best for the online marketing.

2) Online marketing is always targeted at a segment or market which is smaller in size. This is where a firm devoted its entire focus and concentration. In addition, the markets that are targeted by niche marketing are not covered by mainstream providers. On the other hand, traditional marketing is related to large segments that provide large revenues in the end. For instance, if a general marketing strategy has targeted parents, a online marketing strategy will be targeted at a specific group of parents such as single parents.

3) In the case of general marketing, the objective is to attract as many customers as possible. As the strategy is targeted for masses, consumers of different backgrounds, race, gender and status are on the traditional marketing radar. On the contrary, the strategy used in the online marketing is to target only a certain group of consumers whose taste and preferences matches your niche product. As the research has been done beforehand, it is very unlikely that the other segments of the population will be attracted to your offer. Hence, they are not targeted.

4) General marketing make use of expensive forms of media to target the consumers. It includes spending on above the line media that includes television, print, radio and internet and below the media such as hoardings and billboards. These forms are very expensive. On the contrary, in online marketing, the allocated budget is small compared to budget in general marketing. It does not have the capacity to support the needs and wants of the mainstream. As a result, the media which has been extensively used in niche marketing is internet (emails) due to its economical cost. Apart from internet, online marketing also uses magazines to a certain extent which may include trade journals.

4) In traditional marketing, people in masses are being targeted. As a result, the intended message also reaches people who have no interest in the products or services that are being offered by your business. Hence, the conversion rate is quite low. Money is wasted in large quantity along with the wastage of time. Art contrast, in niche marketing the message is targeted for only those who are interested. Thus, there is less wastage of money, time and effort in online marketing campaign.

General Hints On Advertising

In advertising, the psychological effects are of greater importance than the physiological ones – i.e. as the “psychological” has the power to affect the mind generally, the latter, with the impact on the visual, is being merely registered by the eyes and absorbed as “pictorial effects”. These should first and foremost pertain exclusively to the item advertised and not, as sometimes is the case, have nothing or very little to do with, and can therefore be ” a dead loss”, in the effect it is supposed to have. Not to mention, that too many “diverse” pictures detract from the very name of the products advertised. The importance of the psychological effect should be stressed, by not only presenting the whole advertisement in “good taste”, but by making it attractive or appealing, which is something everyone responds to.

It should contain nothing that “distracts” through visual images that put the actual item advertised (and its name) into the background, resulting in a “weaker” impact on the viewer. It should also contain something about its value, its general assets and, if it is of well known long standing – its emphasis on tradition included. “Obviously overdone” emphasis on its effective result (as applicable to some – and mostly aimed at usage for women) – often can have the opposite effect, as every woman is not only reacting to the promise of beauty, but also the quality and health of the product.

It is also worth noting that “beauty” in an advertisement is more appealing to both sexes then the stressing of mechanical performance etc. The simulated speed, in harmony with the right background of a sleek automobile, for instance, has more power of “attraction” than the stress on its mechanical performance or assembly and composition, which is only for some mechanically minded men.

Products for every day needs are the hardest to successfully advertise – so it seems! How about an attractive or appealing sales person holding the product and simply but skilfully stating its merits and advantages, the focus being on the item in the hand and its name, rather then a story telling picture behind a distracting background, both of which detract from the total effects of the item, which can lead to: “by the time advertisement ends and all its contents have been taken notice off”, the name of the product has gone by almost, unnoticed. With spoken words, it should also be taken into consideration, which class of people – if not all – the product for sale is aimed at. The more expensive and luxurious the product, the “higher” or more “educated” should be the accompanying comments, and simpler common place expression for ordinary, everyday items aimed for general consumption to the general public.

In all advertising, as all its advertised items – one motto stands with best results for effect and continuity: HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!

General Services Administration Fraud

The General Services Administration, or GSA, is a federal agency responsible for supplying goods and products to other federal agencies through contracts with commercial firms. The GSA negotiates contracts and purchases products in large quantities in order to save individual agencies time and resources. These contracts, in turn, must be in compliance with the Trade Agreements Act of 1979 to ensure the safety of the product and the secure relationship between the U.S. and the product’s country of origin. However, sometimes commercial suppliers attempt to sell products to the GSA that do not comply with these standards.

The Trade Agreements Act

The Trade Agreements Act of 1979 (TAA) dictates trade agreements between the U.S. and other countries. Certain countries, called “designated countries,” are in compliance with the TAA and therefore the General Services Administration may enter into agreements with companies that purchase or supply goods and services from these countries. However, certain countries do not conform to the standards set out by the TAA. Therefore, the GSA is prohibited from entering into contracts that involve goods and services from non-compliant countries.

Failure to Comply with the Trade Agreements Act

Countries that do not comply with the conditions in the TAA are restricted from entering into certain contracts with the U.S. Countries that are not TAA-compliant include:

  • China
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

These countries manufacture and export a large number of products commonly used throughout the U.S. However, since they are not in compliance with the TAA, the General Services Administration may not supply products from these countries to federal agencies. In some cases, though, certain companies attempt to fraud the GSA and supply them with products that do not meet the minimum federal standards.

The Trade Agreement Act was created in order to protect government employees from harm as well as to make sure that the products used by federal agencies are supplied by countries that agree to U.S. standards. If contractors attempt to sell non-compliant products to a government agency, they may be violating the False Claims Act, an Act designed to prevent false claims and fraud against the federal government. Everyday citizens who become aware of fraud can file a Qui Tam lawsuit on the government’s behalf to stop the wrongdoing. In response, the person who brings the suit may be eligible to receive a percentage of the total damages that are awarded in the case.

General Care and Maintenance

Choosing the right materials and taking care of your products to suit your needs are essential. Also, properly maintaining is important. Now that you have your product, you will find cleaning and care to be a breeze. You have made an investment in the happiness and health by purchasing the product, which is a great mobility aide for your pet. It will take great care of your pet’s bone and joint health and make it easier for him or her to get around comfortably with less risk of injury. Your care for your pet now let us discuss caring for your pet step.

Depending on the material, as it may vary from fabrics, wood, metal, leather, or even be a combination you will find that cleaning is simple and easy. Many common household cleaners will do, and many of your favorite brands will do the job perfectly.

See our cleaning supply section for brands and products.

There are many size and for that reason, there are many size suited for your individual pet. This product practically takes care of itself.

Things to Consider about general care and maintenance:

Overall weight load supported
General condition
Wear and tear
Free of cracks or visual damage

It is important to look over your products and inspect it keeping in mind that some of the considerations above which are all easily performed, and can be done while cleaning or moving around. Assess the materials that your individual pet step is made of make sure that they are in good shape and not torn or ripped.

Asses your pet’s size to make sure that the product provided will support the weight of your pet, which should not be a problem as the pet steps are made sturdily because of the various building materials used to make it.

At your leisure if all things above seem fine you may want to move the product around to make sure there are no loose joints or audible signs such as squeaking or crackling. In General pet steps are easy to maintain, cost very little up keep, and they take care of your loved ones and practically itself all at the same time.

Since there are so many materials in various fashionable varieties, you may want to see our fashion and accessory section to pick out a new idea for a look to jazz up your pet steps.